Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The WPC ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...What are we doing RIGHT???...EVERYTHING!

Hi there,
first of all how are you guys doin?I hope everything is ok...We just came back from Prague the EVLS BENCH PRESS WORLD CUP - WPC. The show was Great, not so many lifters but the RAW VIP BENCHPRESS PRO CATEGORY was just amazing. /YEREMASHVILI won it cause he did 232,5 kg =511,5 pounds and his body weight was round 70 kg =154 pounds, i was impressed how strong this small guy is...second was Laszlo Meszaros from Hungary his weight was around 130kg = 286 pounds and he benched 297,5 kg = 654,5 pounds and third i think one of the russians but i forgot who it was oh i got it > 3rd.Giorgi Beroshvili ... It was a  perfect way to present our WPC to the public i think.This is the way to get bigger and popular...