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How do I talk to EURASIA President Yuriy glass at a time...

We all know this....BREATHING is criticial in powerlifting and excercise....

International Head Referee Wayne Pullum....

....may have said that the WPC Referee's at 2014 WPC West Palm Beach Worlds' may have to pass every possible test!!!!!!!!!!!

It is NOT to late....for BAKU!

This 2014 WPC International European Championship is going to be BIG!!!....if you need ME!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

People at the EUROPA 2014...

That's KK...
That's Peter Thorne...
That's Liubou Bialova....who is she???...She is one of us and the of the BEST!!!!

• Three-time World Champion and World Record Holder in bench press IPF
• Four-times “Gold Medalist and European champion Bench Press IPF
• Multiple National Powerlifting Champion of Belarus
• Multiple National Bodybuilding Champion of Belarus
• National Champion of the Republic of Belarus in arm wrestling
• Awarded the highest sports award the country's:
“Honored Sport Master the Republic of Belarus”
• Awarded Weider Certificate of Merit International Federation of Body Builders
• Awarded Certificate of Merit for work with disabled people in Belarus
Head coach of Belarus National Woman’s Team in bench press.
Senior coach instructor School of Olympic Reserve Powerlifting.
Trainer Lecturer Sports School Athletics.
Teacher trainer in athletics school of Olympic reserve.
Athletic trainer instructor disabled.
Instructor exercise therapy with older people.
My students, in several sports, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and Bench Press became Belarus National Champions!
Many of these students went on to compete in World Championships

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...if there is a will...there is a way...

2014 European Championships Baku is for You!!!

...I have been there and this city is SPECTACULAR!!!...COME!!!! part of HISTORY!!!

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