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Sunday, December 27, 2009

I am amazed!........AGAIN

The 101-Year-Old Marathon Man
8:54pm UK, Saturday April 12, 2008

Natasha Muktarsingh, Sky reporter

Buster Martin, Britain's oldest worker, is set to break another record by competing in this year's London Marathon at the age of 101.

Buster enjoys a quick drag

And it will be cigarettes and a pint of bitter rather than health drinks and energy bars driving the remarkable record-breaker on.

His aim is to complete the 26-mile route in about 14 hours, supported by colleagues from Pimlico Plumbers in South London where he works three days a week cleaning vans.

Buster is running for the Rhys Daniels Trust - a charity which supports families with seriously ill children.

He said: "I was asked to do it and told about the charity and I said I'd have a go. I didn't say I would do it, but I'd have a go."

Plumber and boxing coach Samm Mullins has been helping Buster prepare for the race for the last three months. His programme comprises running three times a week and sparring practice in the boxing ring twice weekly.

Last month, Buster completed a half marathon in five hours and 15 minutes.

Mullins says: "He is amazing for his age and he's enjoyed the training. In fact, the only problem is slowing him down."

However, there are some parts of his lifestyle Buster has not changed in preparation for the Marathon.

He has been a smoker since the age of seven and will not give up regular trips to the pub for a few pints of bitter.

Buster does not drink water, so his trainers have arranged several stops along the Marathon route where a pint will be available.

Mullins says: "He has to take on some fluids - and bitter is all he will drink."

Buster has always led an active lifestyle. He officially retired at the age of 97 but went back to work three months later.

He said: "I was getting bored. I'm lucky I have my health and I can try things like the marathon. But I never make any promises because I take each day as it comes."

Buster is not alone in wanting to push the boundaries in old age. Katsuske Yanagisawa became the oldest man to reach the summit of Everest at the age of 71 last year.

And in 2004, George Brunstad successfully swam the English Channel at 70 years old while John Glenn became the oldest man to go into space as a 77-year-old in 1998.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays!

All this is gone!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

This "BULL"-Dog starts to bark!

Dave is improving not by kilos but by plates. 2009 WPC Worlds was no differant. I predict that this power house will squat over 1100, bench over 800 and deadlift....well that is open yet.

Good Job Dave...Thanks for being WPC!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lee Gordon of the UK...

Lee helped set up and tear down and everything in the middle. His wife Paula, worked the meet 100%. His son lifted with his brothers and sister cheering him on. This is what the WPC is about. Great lifter, great family man, and great friend! We are lucking to have him in our organization!

Oh the Squat....he was deep enough...just lost control...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fatigue life of joints...

Fatigue life is the length of time before something breaks down or starts to fail. This is a athlete's worst nightmare! Science is making advancements we all need to be aware of. The x-ray on the left is in good shape, not the one on the right!

Monday, December 14, 2009

You got to like Gerry McNamara!

He is a legendary powerlifter, perfect form, perfect mental attitude, perfect results!
This is one of Ireland's best and it was great to meet him and get to know him better! This picture shows him starting to go below parallel, as it should be!

Friday, December 11, 2009

This is what I hear!...No Thank You!

Dear President M.Sweeny

Hope all is great for you.Was very nice meet you at WPC Worlds.That was my first WPC meet after 26 years as IPF member.What can i say after my first WPC meet?I give up my place at Norwegian National Team in IPF,I give up club sponsor ship around 3500 US a year,I give up free hotel + money for going to European & Worlds in IPF,i give up free gear,i give up free trips to all meet i want to go to,i give up chance to train at many great Powerlifting gym (Own by clubs/IPF) i give up friendship since they now turn back to me,was it wurth it??They all belive i juse steroids now,even if i have been life time drug free,was it wurth join WPC??YES it was wurth it all,i finaly feel free,like the pepole in East Germany most have feel 20 years ago when wall fall down.The respect WPC heads & lifter show me,the great judges that was hard,but fear,The big friendship between pepole that lift,it are all just great.The WPC Worlds in UK was great & i love every minitt of it.
I realy hope the WPC will go on like this & keep up the good work.Thanks for let us join WPC & looking forward to next time we meet

Have a great Chrismas

Best wishes from

Petter Elvekrok (Team Norway)

We are an organization of passion, we...

...witness, record, and report individuals that share this passion. In the history of powerlifting there has been attempts to include a handicap division in the WPC/AWPC. The timing was not right, it may be now! There is a "special division" in the Olympics called the para-Olympics, in the USA we have the Special Olympics. There are more and more organized competitions of this type in the USA.
After a discussion brought up by Yuriy Ustinov of the Eurasia Group and the excellent exhibition of a "specially challenge" Russian bench press athlete at the recent 2009 Worlds, I am suggesting that this specially-challenge division be added to the national and international record structure for one year. This only for the bench press where the athlete has not the power in his leg structure to walk up to the bench without any assistance example cane, crutches, one or no legs,etc. Note this would NOT include a blind person. Again, at the beginning each case must be reviewed and reported by a WPC Referee or Country Head.
I am going to investigate the interest and give a full report at 2010 WPC Worlds in Finland...send all your comments and concerns, but start!!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Egyptian sands blow again...

...every time there is a major wind storm in Egypt, treasures are revealed! At 2009 Worlds Team Egypt captured the Bronze, behind Russia at Silver, and The GB with the Gold. This Internationally inexperience team improves with every International Championship. In America we talk about Egypt as a land and people of past history. I feel they are also a land and people of great future and powerlifting destiny.

My Take....these "boys" are under 22 years old!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Richard Ligier-French WPC World Bench Champion!

I like everything about him. I have seen over the years Richard work thru injury, bad meet stratagy, and "it just wasn't there!" At the 2009 WPC World Championships, Richard took on the best in the World and took the GOLD! He may be the first Frenchman to do this! Yes, that is close to 900 pounds!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Russian Bench Training Secert!

This is Vladimir Maksimov, Eurasia Group bench press machine. I have seen them all. He is a top man! Note the body ratio's amd thickness, perfect for the bench....and he is CRAZY!

My take...I would like to see Mendelson, Ligier, and Maksimov, have it out at the FITEXPO in LA!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Nation-Level vs International-Level Referee's

To me the National level is like black and white TV. They get the picture, do an excellent job, but the International Referee is more experienced, more defined, more detailed thru experience or just like HD......

Judging is...

...a thankless job! A WPC referee is technical, honest, fair, passionate, and compassionate. At WPC Worlds the judging staff did a excellent job. Any lifter could approach and discuss any concern with any of the officials at any time.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

When you don't think... can bet does!...This is one of the media directions the WPC is taking....Yuriy Ustinov and his staff engineered and completed this project......that was one take!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Haley-Davidson knows horsepower!

In their motorcycles and in powerlifters. They had a display up and a booth. No these aren't the prizes for the best lifter.

USN was also...

...there! Support, support,support! That is American Master lifter Dick Zenzen in the chair!


...stepped up in sponsorship with product...banners and a booth with staff...and money to support this event. You may see others in the magazines but Met-RX is in the gym bag!...Buy something!

That's Wayne Pullum Director of International Referee's on the right and David Mannering, Vice President of the British Powerlifting Congress!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

METAL does it again!..Major sponsor-ship!

Once again METAL has stepped up and supported the WPC, powerlifters, and powerlifting with real sponsorship. They produce the absolute highest quality of powerlifting equipment and "gear" for strength training. Their equipment is tested on Championship platforms all over the World!

My Take...Lifters needed to support those that support them and their organization. We are in extreme competition with others. Others were asked to be part of the 2009 WPC Worlds, METAL came in big! METAL has taken responsibility for your success. I know that all gear doesn't work for everyone, but something in their catalog does.

Bottom Line...If you aren't loyal to those that support you the lifter and your organization of choice.........your a JERK!

The man behind the music...

There were BOSE speakers in the convention center. "BIG D" was at the the music console. This part of the meet presentation was the best I had ever heard and seen and that includes any WPO meet and those were damn good! He had a "hard drive" of songs and could and did down load anything. The music levels were will engineered, keeping the pace of the meet and lifting totally enjoyable.

This is the best, BIG D played around with "audio spots" with sponsors being mentioned and recognized...effective, very effective. I would like to see/hear more of this!