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World Winning tips from Wayne Pullum...Read them TWICE!!!!!

Make plans to arrive at the venue in time to make weigh-ins . Know the times of weigh-in , as it will be the only times in which you will be able to record your weight . This will give you time to adjust your weigh and return if necessary.
Make sure you have you current membership card , as you will be charged without it.
Make a list of all of your gear and check each item off as you pack. ( don't forget your singlet and D/L shoes)
Know the lifting order of your fight and check it at each attempt .
Prepare to be ready when the bar is called loaded. You will be timed out after 1 minute.
Know the rack height on both the Monolifts and bench on the main platform. The clock will be running if it has to be adjusted.
Have an extra set of knee wraps rolled and ready in case one unravels . You will not have time to roll it back up.
After your attempt , go straight to the score table to give your next attempt not wait....You have 1 minute.

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2014 British Powerlifting Union Championship...

Two days, two platforms, 160 lifters....GREAT JOB!