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Don't be afraid to lift with the BEST!

Yes, WPC International powerlifters are difficult, single-minded, and do not compromise, HEAVY WEIGHT!...again the reds are 55 pounds.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some organizations go above the line....

and some organizations are below the line. In WPC International Powerlifting we erase/remove the line. We go for the impossible. In order for us to succeed we must fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...think about it! 

The REDS are 25 kilos each or 55 pounds...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

and more WPC lifters....

It is all about the people...

Israel on the move....

Dear friends!
On 25 th December 2010 was held Israel Open Bench Press, Push & Pull Championship in Haifa!

Many athletes arrived from all over the country and athlete from United States sportsman Alvin Yaerby that had come specially to compete in this championship.

Championship was opened by young athlete 7,5 years Tomilov Lisa, who bench pressed result of 22,5 kg!

During the event there were very impressive results both in women and men categories, and new Israeli records were set.

Overall 85 athletes participated in the championship!

Highlights of the event:

Alexey Zaydlin , Open category, bench result 300kg, and Push & Pull total result of 600 kg !

Iris Shekhter, Open category, bench result 130 kg, and Push & Pull total result 295 kg !. (absolute champion!)

Sergei Piniachev , Masters category, bench result 250 kg, and Push & Pull total result 565 kg ! (absolute champion!)

Valeri Tomilov, Masters category, bench result 225 kg, and Push & Pull totall of 495 kg.

Finally breaking the Bench Press World & Europe record by Ariela Amitay, Weight category 52, Age category Masters 45-49, the result of 82.5 kg bench, also breaking the Bench Press Europe record by Ernest Ruzin Weight category 67.5, Age category Masters 70-74, the result of 92.5 kg bench!(see attached)

A big "thank you" to everyone who helped in organizing the competition and participants on the event!

I want to express special thanks to our computer genius for the support site for the logistics of David Kharif, our referees and Ayal Hasoon and his team support assistants!


Israel WPC

Anna Marcus

Joe of America is on the move...BEAUTIFUL

650 masters...239 pound bodyweight..

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WPC 2010

...was a tremendous year for WPC International Powerlifting. I had the opportunity to be invited to WPC Championships in Hungry, Azerbaijan, and Finland. There were other highly successful WPC International Championships in The Eurasia Group and the States. Each championship focused of safety, lifter satisfaction, judging credibility, and fun!

As an group, the WPC-Congress has work together in the best interest of the lifter first. In 2011, the International Championship schedule was developed to give all lifters, in all countries an opportunity to compete and experience the greatest and strongest powerlifting in the history of man.

We are growing and "others" are not! For me, I have had a tremendous 2010 as the President elect and I thank you. In 2011, the best and strongest is yet to come................

Mike Sweeney