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After viewing all the recent World Records set on YOUTUBE>>

..WPC International Referee Igor Umerenkov could only respond by....my feelings exactly!!

This is what a hand off man...

...should look like...Eurasia Championships 2011

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Get out the snacks and beer....

The 2011 Eurasia Championships in Russia will be on Internet TV....


Monday, August 1, 2011

Finland in 2011 Prague...

A true champion not only stands on the platform with a GOLD medal but, also inspires those around him or her. Team Finland is coached and led by ANO. They are extreme, strong, and smart...just like ANO!
It is easy to see a lifter out of control, attempting and failing attempts, blaming everyone else for his red light. Not the Finn's, they stay in control and stay in the meet by being smart, by being trained by ANO!