Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hey, listen up..this is good infromation....

The WPC European Championships in the UK is coming soon! 
We have our web site at which gives all the venue and travel information, classes, weigh in times and hotel details we have got discounts for. 
There is VERY cheap accommodation at the University which are all single rooms - details are on the web site. 
ALSO - we are ONLY taking entries from the country heads of the WPC. This is to stop athletes who have not qualified being able to enter, so you have full control over who will represent your country. The from with ALL the entry fee information is on the web site to download. We will be adding a Russian translated version also. 
If you require visa letters - please send us the details as soon as possible. 
Entries will close 1st May 2016. 
We look forward to seeing you there and having the honour to host you at the WPC European Championships, UK. 
Emma Ylitalo-James
British Powerlifting Union