Tuesday, June 13, 2017

WPC POWERLIFTING in Kursk, Russia is a LIFE TIME experience!!!...I know...I have been there!!!

254  pre-entries  for the World  powerlifting, benchpress, deadlif, multy-repeat benchpress and armlifting  Cup WPC/AWPC/WAA-2017 (9-13 of August, 2017, Kursk, Russia) from Belarus, Egypt , India, Uzbekistan and Russia: http://eurasia-wpc.ru/7/

More pre-entries from Belarus and  Russia!

Official web-site of  the World Cup WPC/AWPC/WAA: http://eurasia-wpc.ru/

To make an application for participation: http://eurasia-wpc.ru/register/

Best regards,
Igor Umerenkov.