Thursday, January 21, 2016

Where are the "ANTI-STUPID" can't make this shit up....

Ed Coan Training Seminars in Sweden

The IPF and all member nations abide by the WADA Code which is the universal document regarding anti-doping rules.
WADA rules explain that in sporting matters, we must not work or associate with individuals who are serving a period of ineligibility due to an anti-doping rule violation. Therefore, we remind athletes and officials of all our member nations that attending events or associating with a banned lifter is prohibited by WADA.

Please be aware of the type of activities that this rule would apply to. For example, in Sweden Ed Coan is conducting seminars. As indicated in the Anti-Doping Rule Violation list, Mr. Coan is banned for life from the IPF, and thus it is prohibited to attend his seminars as this would violate rule 2.10.

For further information please refer to the IPF Anti-Doping Rules